After spending countless hours searching for accurate, easy to use and reliable fantasy football statistics and information, I was disappointed at what I found. I just wanted a free site that I could find information quickly and easily. Some sites I found were easy to use but had out of date or inaccurate information. Others had great information but were difficult to navigate and required payment for full access. I came to the conclusion that I probably am not alone in my search. There are millions of fantasy football players looking for that edge to bring home their league championship. For these reasons I decided to start my own website as a quick reference fantasy football guide. I record almost everything I research in notebooks, legal pads, steno books and binders, but now all that information will be available here for anyone for free. Using as many sources as possible I will compile the most important and relative fantasy football news and information in one easy to use site. The site is designed for novices and experts alike. I also provide my player rankings based on statistics, relative information, trends and what my “gut” tells me about a player. Each page will provide valuable fantasy football information including a schedule breakdown, offensive line rankings, analysis and stats. Good luck and I hope my site helps you bring home many fantasy football championships.


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